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Written April 15, 2016


The combination of skills and reputation that make you distinctive from your competitors is your brand. Building and maintaining your individual brand is a daunting task for new brokers, but here are four tips from Chicago top producers on how you can grow your sphere of influence and become the broker your contacts think of first.

1. Surround yourself with resources

From choosing the right brokerage to supply you with all the best tools to finding mentors who will help you learn best practices, it’s key to find an environment that will nurture your growth.

2. Stay informed

The best realtors are the most knowledgable. And without years of experience, new brokers may feel challenged. This is why it’s so important to educate yourself on the market. Learn housing trends, why home sales fluctuate. Team up with inspectors and lenders to give yourself a 360 degree view of the transaction. Meet with your marketing team and find out best practices for direct mail, email marketing and other new technologies.

3. Always be networking

You cannot grow your business unless you are willing to prospect and expand your sphere of influence at every opportunity. Top producers keep in touch with their past clients and ask for referrals. They send client retention gifts, host networking parties and call to check in. The goal is always be top of mind with your network so that you never miss an opportunity to be the first broker that think to refer.

4. Know your competitive advantage

What can you offer a client that your competitors cannot? Focus on your knowledge of a certain region or experience in housing-related fields like construction or decorating. What makes you different will help you attract clients looking for those differences.

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