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1. Complete your On-line Course

In order to receive credit for the course, you must complete all of the content. We have made it very easy for you to determine whether or not you have completed the course; the Dashboard function will keep track of your progress. When each of the components under “Required for Completion” have a check mark icon appearing and are no longer grayed out, then you have successfully completed the course. Please be sure to provide an evaluation at the completion of the course content via the Feedback note.

Please note that we do provide a Textbook for your use. If you choose to read the material from the Textbook rather than from the digital portal, it is VERY important that you continue to engage the portal, by taking the chapter quizzes on line. Only by doing this, will the digital dashboard function keep track of your progress and, only in that way, can we be assured that you have completed the course.

2. Accept your Affidavit

Upon completion of your course, you are required to accept an electronic affidavit, stating that you have completed each assigned module of instruction. This step is a pre-requisite to completing the course and taking the final exam.

3. Attend your 15 hr. Weekend Course

The 15 hr. Interactive course will include examples of real life applications of the Topics and Principles studied during the self-study online course. A final exam of 25 multiple choice questions will be administered on Sunday afternoon, upon completion of instruction. Each student must obtain a score of 75% to pass this course.

4. Complete your Print Proctored Exam

Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation (IDFPR) requires a proctored course final exam. Once you’ve completed the material and passed all of the course quizzes, you will be expected to complete the course final, either with the Proctor at the Academy offices, on the scheduled days or, with an independent Proctor at an approved location. If you would like to take the exam at the Academy offices, please contact us at to arrange an appointment during business hours. Final exams are available by appointment only on Monday mornings at 9:30 am or on Thursday afternoons at 1:30 pm.

Alternatively, it is the student’s responsibility to arrange for a qualified proctor, who will oversee their exam and ensure that the test is taken without outside assistance. Examples of acceptable proctors: librarians, high school or college faculty member, State testing center. Examples of unacceptable proctors: family friends, employer or co-worker, broker or prospective broker.

Once the student has identified a Proctor, (s) he must complete the Offsite Proctor Exam Form and submit the form to Dream Town Real Estate Academy: or mail to 1950 N. Sedgwick Ave., Chicago, IL 60614.The Offsite Proctor Exam Form must be submitted to the Academy at least 10 days prior to the date scheduled for the exam.

In response to this notification, Dream Town Real Estate Academy will email the Proctor a Proctor Agreement for signature. Once the executed Proctor Agreement is returned to the Academy at, the exam packet will be sent out to the Proctor, along with complete instructions on how to administer the exam.

Failure to pass the Final Exam:
If a student does not pass the final exam, he/she may take a re-take final exam, as long as it is within the 6 month course completion period (as determined from the original date of registration). Any request for a re-take exam must be made in writing to

If the student does not pass the re-take exam and elects to continue with their studies, they may take second re-take final exam, as long as it is still within the 6 month enrollment period. A $25.00 re-take fee will apply. Final exam retake appointments are available by appointment only on Monday mornings at 9:30 am and/or Thursday afternoons at 1:30 pm. Any request for a re-take exam must be made in writing to

5. AMP Reporting:

The IDFPR requires that we report the completion of your licensing course directly to AMP. In order for us to be able to do this, the student must have pre-registered with AMP and provided us with an AMP IL registration number. Once the student has provided that number , course completion will be uploaded to the AMP portal. It is recommended that you apply for the AMP registration number before you even begin your coursework.

Please email your registration number to or fax to 312 -863-7621

6. Course Completion:

Once you have completed the self-study course, the interactive live course, and passed the printed proctored exam, your Certificate of Completion will be sent you in the mail.

7. Exam Prep

Now, create your own quizzes and start studying for the AMP exam. Our exam prep question bank will prepare you for success on the AMP exam.

8. AMP Licensing Exam:

Once we have reported your completion to AMP, you should contact them directly to schedule your licensing examination. You may access AMP at for further instructions.

The State of Illinois offers testing at various locations six days a week. The state exam fee is $46 and is paid at the time of registration.

9. Interview with Brokerages to find the right fit!

Congratulations! You’ve passed your State Licensing Exam. Now it is time to go out and interview Brokerages to see who you would like to hire to help you achieve success.


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